Merged address data from Excel won't fit into labels doc in Word



Is anyone experiencing the same problem? I have no problem transferring the
Excel data into an Word document to print labels - and selected Avery L7160
as my label type - but when I print, the addresses are printing outside the
labels. The first four lines just manage to print inside, but from the 5th
line on they are all too high.

I tried creating a document with a different label name, but with the same
spec as the Avery one, but all that does is print one address on each page
and won't allow me to "propagate" labels all on the one sheet.

Can someone please advise before I tear all my hair out?



Graham Mayor

Two issues here.
Let's take the second one first. Propagate is only available if you set the
document type as labels. You can do that from the mailmerge toolbar Otherwise its a
letter document with a table.

The misalignment can be caused by a number of factors - including poor label
handling by the printer (try printing on plain paper and see if that lines
up when held over the label sheet), a header/footer in (try it in
Word's safe mode - hold CTRL while starting Word), but most likely you have
different paper sizes in page setup and the printer driver and/or you have a
scale to paper size option set in the print dialog.

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