Merge Excel to Avery 30607 labels



I have a template for Avery 30607 1"x4" labels, 20 per sheet in 2 columns of
10. The return label is setup on all 10 of the left hand labels. I want to
merge my Excel sheet data into ONLY the right side 10 labels. Naturally, if
the merge goes past the end of the page (which it certainly will...I do mail
merges of thousands), I want it to continue on.

The merge goes perfectly until I "preview labels," then it all goes awry!

So far, I have found no way to keep the merge from continuing on from the
top right side label to the left side lables..under the .jpg image I have on
the left side labels used as the return labels.

We used to be provided with pre-printed labels. Now we must do our own
return and mailing labels. I hope someone will be able to guide me through
this without having to do all the return labels on one sheet and all the
mailing labels on another. It would be much easier to address the envelopes
without having to go from one sheet to another, with each envelope.




Suzanne S. Barnhill

You'll have to set this up as a sort of custom merge. Start with what Word
gives you and just delete the whole left column of labels (it should suffice
to just put merge fields in the right column, but if this isn't working for
you, then you'll have to be more drastic). Make sure that the labels are
still aligned to the right side (that is, that the table isn't centered),
and then see how the merge goes. You'll probably have to fiddle with the
«Next Record» field in the top label (remove it, I think).



Graham Mayor

Create the merge as though you were using all the labels. or
Propagate the labels to put the data in all the cells.
Change the document type from labels to letter.
Select and delete the content of the left column.
Delete the {Next} record filed from the top label.
Add your fixed data to the cells in the left column
Merge away :)

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Graham Mayor - Word MVP

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