Memory almost in use, "Bymer" virus?


Robin Keijzer


Firstly: Thanks in advance for reading this message!

Since Saturday, 23 February 2008 we have a problem with the RAM memory in
our 3 pc's. Because otherwise the brief is a little long, I've organise the

- Constantly, and from the moment the pc's are started, is the RAM memory
for 70 to 80% in use, then no program is started.
- The CPU is permanently in use, varying from 3 to 20%.
- The problem exist on all our pc's, that's characteristic for the 'Bymer'
virus, because the virus duplicate himself over the computers in your
- The problem won't occur in Save mode.
- The trainsimulator 'Trainz Railway Simulator 2004' won't start anymore, a
window occur with the information: "Access violation to (some) hardware". We've
installed this program all over again, but the problem isn't solved. Perhaps
the virus blocks the memory, so other applications haven't access.
- The pc's are slower after the, possible, infection.

Attemptions to resolving the problem:

- We've searched for the meanings of the processnames in Task manager, this
way also 'wininit.exe', according to others it is a normal startupprocess,
and according to others it is a part of the 'Bymer' virus.
- We have scanned our pc's with Norton AntiVirus 2008 and the free version
of AVG 7.0, without a result.
- Also we have scanned our pc's with some online scanners, and also without
a result.
- With Windows Defender we have scanned our pc's for spy- and malware, no
effects again.

Specifications from our pc's:

- Laptop: Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 processor, Nvidia Geforce 8600M video card,
2GB RAM-memory and Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.
- Media Center: Intel Core Duo T2300 processor, Internal video chip from
Intel, 1GB RAM-memory + 1GB ReadyBoost memory and Windows Vista Home Premium
- Normal pc: Intel Core 2 Duo E4300 processor, Internal video chip from
Intel, 1GB RAM-memory and Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.
- All Operating Systems are legal.

We're quite specialised in computers, but not in virus-resolving. Because
the many alternatives of the 'Bymer' virus, we don't know what we must to do
now. Is it, however, a virus or something else? And how do you solve it?

Thanks in advance!

Family Keijzer from the Netherlands

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