Meeting Request does not show Free/Busy info after Nov 1



We have discovered a problem in our Exchange/Outlook environment where
everyone's calendar does not show any free/busy information after November 1,
2007. The Outlook Free/Busy settings are all set at the default of 2 months.
I have tried changing the settings to 6 month for a handful of users to no

I also tried starting Outlook for a few users with the /cleanfreebusy switch
and it seemed to solve the problem for a few days, but those user's calendars
are now back to exhibiting the same problem and the /cleanfreebusy switch no
longer seems to have any effect.

We are running Exchange Server 2003 service pack 2 and mostly Oulook 2003 on
the client end, but we do have a few Outlook 2007 clients in the mix.

Anyone have any ideas?





Diane Poremsky

Try setting one acct to 3 months - does Nov F/B show?

Free/Busy publishing is by full month - this month and next, not next 60

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