No Free/Busy after January 1



We are experianing an issue where we can not see some peoples Free/Busy info
past January 1, 2008. Once we run the /cleanfreebusy switch on thier mailbox
it resolves the issue. But, due to the number of mailboxes we have that
would be a pain to run that on even a third of the users. Most users are
publsihing 12 months of free/busy. We have a mix of Outlook 2000 and 2003,
and are running Exchange 2003.

Has anyone seen this issue? And know why its happening only to some users?
And if there is a better way to resolve this issue.




Diane Poremsky

you could push a shortcut out using a logon script - users would just need
to click it once.

Toby Levy

We are having the same issue as Jason where we can't see free/busy info past
January 1, 2008. However, I'm not sure how to run the cleanfreebusy switch.
Is there possibly some setting on the server that is not allowing viewing of
free/busy info in a future year? Also, Jason - how do you run the
cleanfreebusy switch?

Thanks for any help.


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