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Brian Gregg

I have recently made a movie of still images in Movie
Maker and saved them on disk to play through Media Player
9. When the movie is viewed in Movie Maker all is OK.
However, when they are saved as a movie and viewed in
Media Player 9 the images have colour distortion, in that,
I get ghosted images in separate colours, set to the right
and below the original image. I have uninstalled and re-
installe Media Player 9 but I am still getting the same
problem. Can anyone help, as I am desperate to have this
sorted out.

Graham Hughes, MVP Digital Media

It could be due to compression, how did you save the movie and what settings
did you use? As a dv-avi, which shouldn't show any artefacts at all, or as a
compressed movie, such as wmv, or for web-playback? How good a quality are
the still images? Have you made any changes to them at all?

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