Media Player - DVD movies & widescreen issue


John Fedor

I have a widescreen monitor. When I play widescreen DVD movies using Media
Player and go into full screen mode, it still only goes up to the 4:3 size
(the sides are the software uses the full screen, but just doesn't
properly size the video). If I use another DVD player for the same movie
(Mediamatics DVD player for example), it properly uses the full screen. I've
tried several widescreen movies, all with the same results.
I was on Media Player 10, then upgraded to v11 incase it was a new feature
or something, but it didn't help.
I haven't seen anything in the media player options to help in the matter
and wasn't sure if I was missing something or if this is just something the
free player doesn't support.
Resolution is 1440 x 900, using a Viewsonic VX1932wm on an HP 5000T with an
ATI All-in-wonder 9800 running XP Pro SP2, in case it is relevant.

Andrew E.

Its hard to find in WMP 11,but try R.clicking WMP logo L.upper side,locate
properties or tools,in tools,open the video tab or advanced,chk the settings
for the player & adjust.

John Fedor

There is no 'video' tab.
Tabs are:
Rip Music
File Types

I've gone through DVD & Player extensively and viewed the others and don't
see any aspect options or anything.

DVD does have an "Advanced" button, but the tabs inside of that are Audio &
Miscellaneous with no options about the video aspect or anything like that.

B Sorensen

This problem of horisontal letterboxing during (supposedly) full screen DVD
playback is known to most WMP users with widescreen monitors.

Is there a fix. I too, can not find "video tab" mentioned by Andrew E.

John Fedor

Not certain about the fix. I've given up and just use other players if I
want to watch widescreen DVDs on my monitor.

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