Media Player Version 10???



I just updated media player last night to the latest version and not only is
the new format somewhat confusing, but now when I click on many of the songs
in the media player library that I had downloaded (and paid for), most from
Wal-Mart and some from MSN Music, I'm getting a pop-up window saying that
the license for that song is not available and the song cannot be played. I
had no problems with these songs prior to the update and I'm very upset
about this. I haven't gone through them all yet, but out of over 200 songs
in the library (all paid for), so far only a handful are able to be played.
I do remember when the songs were downloaded, media player did show the
licenses being acquired, but frankly, I never paid all that much attention
to it. The pop-up window did provide for an e-mail inquiry to Wal-Mart about
the problem, so perhaps I'll hear back from them eventually (maybe).

Does anyone know what's going on here? Thanks.





Did you upgrade of WMP11? You may want to roll back to WMP10 which
at this time is more stable as verified by all the problems that are posted in
Newsgroups. See below for info.
Release Notes for Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP
Today is the first day of the
rest of your life.
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