Media Center - Works now! But sound is choppy


Rob Wilkens

The Media Center in Vista RC1 is now supporting my Remote Control and TV
Tuner (HP Media Center m470n pc), but I notice maybe not right away, but
after watching it a few minutes I realize the sound is choppy -- It's
usable, It's just a little annoying. The answer is probably to replace the
tv tuner (not something I'm excited about), but I wanted to see if anyone
else's experience was any better/worse?

If I were to replace it the tv tuner, I've heard (I really don't follow the
industry too closely) that there are HDTV tuner cards which might for me be
worth trying with my 1440x900 (widescreen $189 HANNS-G from Micro-center)
monitor -- are these compatible with "Digital Cable", or does that depend
entirely on the cable system? Would I need to use a cable box in this case
(i.e. to tune in the digital channels) and if so, does that eliminate the
computer's ability to change the channel automatically (I do remember seeing
a USB port on the cable boxes). Appreciate any information in advance.
Note: i'm not in a hurry to do this, and may not do it this year or possibly
even next.




Peter M

Far as I know until cable cards come out, PC HDTV tuners are "over the air"
only so you'd need a cable box.

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