Vista Premium Media Center no tv picture



I use Vista Premium Media Center on a Dell XPS 400 with ATI x600 & ATI All In
Wonder TV Tuner. Everything has worked great for 2 years. One day I started
it up to watch a tv show. I get sound but no picture when I click on live
TV. Not picture on old recorded shows I know once worked. I tried Media
Player and same thing. I thought it was the TV Tuner. Tried program WINAVI
Video capture and saw picture coming from TV Tuner. No hardware/software
changes. I think Update installed new definitions for Defender. I'm
thinking a problem with encoder or drivers??? I'm lost on this one. Some
direction will greatly be appreciated! :)




Yeah i had i just put my hauppauge pvr150 adapter in recorded shows for a few
days ran some updates an now no picture. Stumped. Tried re-setting
everything up in media center to no avail have been on every forum i can find
but no hard answers.

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