Maximum well-functioning PST size



I've read the PST size posts in this forum and gathered that PST can be up to
20 GB. Does Outlook 2003 function without any problems up to this size? If
not, what is the maximum PST size which allows for problem-free fast

Roady [MVP]

That completely depends on all the factors involved with PC performace; CPU,
Memory, Harddisk I/O, amount of running programs, amount of add-ins
installed for Outlook etc... And of course what you still consider as fast.

PST-size itself is also less important than the amount of items that make up
the pst-file.

So in other words; there isn't a hard answer here. A couple of GB on a RAID0
S-ATA works fine for me but my biggest concern now has become making
back-ups of the file. Like I said; many factors are involved.

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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