Mapped Network Drives are Disconnecting



For several years, we had been running a peer-to-peer Workgroup with no
problems. But, we recently put in a new server and changed the LAN to a
domain in a client-server configuration. Since then I have a problem that the
workstations running WIN XP, will disconnect the mapped network drives. If
you go into My Computer, the drives show up as "Disconnected Network Drive".
Any attempt to access those drives results in the following error message:
"Microsoft Windows Network: The local device name is already in use. This
connection has not been restored."

The only way to regain access to those drives is to log off and log back on.
It doesn't work to try to disconnect and then remap the drive, using either
the same or a different drive letter. The drive letters are not being used
for any other devices. While this is happening, I can still successfully
ping any other computer on the network, so I'm still logged into the domain,
but I can't access the network drives.

This is only a problem on the computers running WIN XP. The older computer
running WIN 98, are working fine. Also, upgrading to SP2 doesn't make any

Any help would be appreciated.


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