Mapped Drives



I have posted this in the networking group but have not received any
help If anybody has any ideas please share

I am having a problem with mapped drives. I maped the drive to the
server which is just running win 2k pro not server. There are 6
computers connecting to the server all running win 2k. We are using a
workgroup not a domain. The computer that is having the problem logs
into windows then i get a message that says restoring the connnnection
to \\computername\folder Incorrect password or unknown username for
\\computername\folder You last connected to this computer as user/user
There is prompt for a password so i typed in the password and it
continues to login to windows. When i check for the mapped drive it has
a red x but i can click on it and go to the folder. This only happens on
one computer and prompts for the password for the local computer and
then the network share. I tried using the login as when you setup the
mapped drive but it still does not work and gives this error. I hope
this is enough information. Any help would be appreciated Rob



Steve Duff [MVP]

The username and password you are using to login have to match
an enabled account on the 'server' that has access to that share. If you
do, it normally will work without the need to specify any credentials.

Disconnect ALL existing shares to that machine from the workstation,
(Including printers) while logged in as that user, and see if you can then
reconnect one of the shares without any username/password. If not, then
you should check the corersaponding local user account on the server
machine to see what the problem is.

There are security and policy settings that could affect this, but given
that it is working for other users and this is Win2K, I doubt they
are causing the problem here.

If all else fails, you can enable the 'Guest' account on the server and
make sure it has no password. This will allow anonymous connections,
but it of course has security implications and provides an attack surface for
malware over your network from the other workstations.

Steve Duff, MCSE, MVP
Ergodic Systems, Inc.

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