map network drive problem



I have an issue that I would like some help on.

First, the environment I am in is Netware 6 with netware
client 4.83 in a windows 2000 pro. There is an entire
forest full of netware servers. However, everytime I
attempt to map a network drive to another netware server
the resources on the other server are not avalible.

I know what you are thinking, right/permission issue. But
it's not. When I explore my network places for other
servers I can see the resources/drives. Furthermore,
after I explore with windows explorer, I can go into
tools, map network drive under windows explore and see the
resources. It's just that if I go directly to the tools
map network drive and attempt to browse the servers then
it will not let me see the drive.

Is there a difference in the way that Windows explorer
authenticates to other servers in the browse the folder
area compared to the browse button under the map network
drive dialog box? This is where I believe the problem
is. Further signs of to this effect are in the netware
connections dialog box. When I attempt to connect from
the map network drive browse dialog box, the connection in
the netware connections box says "not authenticate" under
the authenticatation state column. However, after I
attempt to browse for that server under the windows
explorer, folders (left column), under my network places,
novell, netware servers, then the authentication state
column says "directory services"

Please provide some input, leads, anything, doesn't have
to be the answer. Any help is appreciated.

Mike Crabtree

The browse list of NW servers is typically obtained from a single NetWare
server - and as such need not bear any relationship whatsoever as to what
servers you may or may not be able to access from any given workstation.

What protocols are in use on the servers?

What protocols have you enabled on the NW client?

If you are using IP - have you set up SLP & DNS?

Mike Crabtree MVP

MS Services for NetWare -


Thanks for the reply Mike.

First to answer your question. We use IP, IPX and Netbios
on the internal network, both server and client. We do
run dhcp but not slp. We do not have an internal DNS

However, I do not believe that the issue lies in the
server protocals. This is why. First we have just few
NT40 workstations around. I just tested them. They do
not have the same problems as the Windows 2000
workstations. If you browse from the map network drive
window it does not have the same issue. The second reason
I don't think it's a server issue, is because browsing
from windows explorer's "my network places" it works. I
can see the resources under the particular server.

My suspicision is that there must be some different
between the way the window explorer browse for resources
and the way the browse button works under the "map network
drive" dialog box. Because under the former, it is
authenticated "directory services" and under the later, it
says "not authenticated".

What do you think? Is there such a difference between the
way two search for resources?

Thx for the help again.

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