Manager's meetings appearing on Delegate's Calendar



We have an admin asst who is a delegate for a VP. She normally creates
meetings on behalf of her boss, and also accepts meeting requests on his
behalf. Most of the meetings work out fine. However, the admin occasionally
sees the VP's appointments showing up on her OWN calendar; and we've verified
that she was not invited to the meeting. This only happens when she
processes the meeting on behalf of the VP (creates it for him, or accepts on
his behalf). The trick is that it does not happen most of the time. Maybe
one out of every 10 meetings she creates or accepts for the VP appear on her
calendar. The other consistency I've found to date is that when the VP's
meetings show on the admin asst's calendar, they always show as Tentative
(unless she was an actual attendee, then it processes regularly).

They are both running Outlook 2003 SP 1 on Exchange 2003. The VP runs
cached Exchange mode, but the admin asst does not. They are both using the
same sub-version of Outlook 2003, and both are running Windows 2000 SP4.

I've tried completely deleteing the admin's Office profile from her machine,
as well as the Default User Office profile; then recreate using the Office
Repair function.

Any thoughts on where to look next?



I ran into the same issue yesterday.

What I found is that the admin creates the meeting request and sends it out
her manager.

Then, an attendee forwards the acceptance to the admin (requesting
additional setup, etc.) and the admin receives the updated meeting request on
her calendar...with the updated notes.

We asked the attendees to reply directly to the manager with updates and not
forward the requests to the admin.


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