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I have two wireless networks stored on my new laptop. One for home and one
for work. Before I upgraded to Ultimate from Premier, I would not have any
issues connecting to my Work or Home Access Point. However, since upgraded
to Ultimate, I can only connect to the Access Points if I choose to "Diagnose
and Repair" or shut down my wireless network modem and turn it back on, on my
laptop. This is a pain in the butt, and I never had to do that before with

If I open the "Network and Sharing Center" it always shows "Identifying" and
it never switched to the wireless networks I have saved. This happens both
at work and at home. This only has started to happen after my upgrade to
Ultimate. On other things, but I don't think it's the reason why, but I
changed my security at home to WPA to follow with my works policies. But I
don't think this is an issue.



I'm sorry you're experiencing issues. We've heard about this scenario and
are looking for someone to work with to a) repro the issue; and b) capture
logs and traces for us so we can diagnose the problem.

Are you still experiencing this problem?

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