Making an Intranet site with FrontPage


Amy Brooks


I'm new to FrontPage, and we're trying to make a company Intranet. We've got
the design/content of the site sorted now, and we're just about ready to
launch. However, not sure where to go from here. We just have all the pages
in a folder on a shared network drive at the minute.

1) I noticed the Publish button in FrontPage, does this mean we have to
publish the site before we can use it, or is this just for websites?

2) We want to make it so that only a few people have write-access to it, can
we do this? We're a bit concerned that with all the files being on the shared
drive, people can edit the pages or delete files.

Any help / ideas greatly appreciated.




An Intranet site IS a web site. The site should be published to a web
server - if you have used any components in the site that need frontPage
extensions (forms, hit counter, custom link bars, for example) the server
must have FrontPage extensions installed and running.

As far as protecting the files from unauthorised editing goes - change the
permissions on the folders holding the site to allow only the anonymous web
browser and authorised editors.
Ron Symonds
Microsoft MVP (Expression Web)

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