Automatic Publishing with Frontpage 2003



Dear Readers,

I have a question about publishing in Frontpage.

Some background info: At my workplace they use intranet that's completely
built in Frontpage. It is hosted by two web servers: a Staging or in other
words development and test server and a Production server. This intranet
complies of about +- 20000 files varying from HTML pages, Forms, pictures,
doc and pdf files. The servers are Windows 2000 servers with IIS and
Frontpage Extensions 2002 installed. On the workstations we have Windows XP
SP1 Dutch language with Frontpage 2003.
There are quite some Authors that edit pages with Frontpage using the
Staging server. And there are but a few Admins that are authorized to publish
them to the Production server.
Previoussly there was a FTP process that took place at night to syncronize
the two web servers. But that caused problems with Forms and publishing from
Frontpage, and it corrupted the Frontpage Extension on the web server.
These problems are now solved, and the process is turned off. But now the
pages has to be publish by hand. You can imagine that this can take much more
time and effort. The admins that carys out these tasks, would like to see
that this takes place automatically.

My question is this: Is there a way to schedule the publishing task at fixed
times in the same technical way as when you publish by hand using Frontpage?
FTP tools or other kind of synchrosation tools causes problems with
Frontpage Extensions.

Thank you very much in advance.


David Berry

You can use VBA to do this. Here's the core subroutine without any error
checking that Stefan Rusynko had posted once:

Private Sub PublishWeb()
Dim myWeb As Web
Set myWeb = Application.ActiveWeb 'Web Must be Open
Dim myRootURL As Variant
myRootURL = ""
Dim myUserid As Variant
myUserid = "TheUserName"
Dim myPword As Variant
myPword = "ThePassword"
Dim myFpPubParam As FpWebPublishFlags
myFpPubParam = fpPublishAddToExistingWeb + _
fpPublishIncremental + fpPublishCopySubwebs
myWeb.Publish myRootURL, myFpPubParam, myUserid, myPword
End Sub

You may also want to post a question in the
microsoft.public.frontpage.programming.vba newsgroup to see if anyone else
has already created a script.

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