Making a form movable?



For some reason I cannot edit the "Movable" property of my form. I want it to
open in a window, not as a tab. I'm sure that this is a simple error on my
part, but I am stumped and don't know what to do.


I assume we are talking about 2007 here.

Goto the Office button
Choose Access options (belowe right)
On the left side of the dialog that appears choose 'current database'
On the right side look for the radiobutton which says 'overlapping windows'.
Check this and close the screen. Close the db and reopen it. You should be
able to adjust.

By default the 2007 version starts with 'tabbed windows'.

Jul 1, 2005
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How in the name of ~~~ could anyone have possibly figured this out!
Been fighting with this for 2 months now.
Is there a guide somewhere? Documentation? Some way we could have formatted a help search question that access would give us a clue?

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