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On my desktop computer running Window XP pro with SP2, I can connect with the
internet after a cold boot, but after 5 or 10 minutes, or 5 or 6 websites,
internet connectivity is lost.
This occurs whether I connect through a router or directly to the cable
Even after internet connectivity is lost, the computer is still connected
to the isp. I can ping other sites, connect with a vpn, send and receive
e-mail. Thus, Thus, it does not appear to be a problem related to my
desktop's network adapter card or driver (thought I have tried deleting and
re-installing them).
The cable modem and ethernet cable have been replacet, to no avail.
This occurs with either browser, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox,
i.e., it does not seem to be a browser-specific problem
This does not occur when I use one of two laptops - they connect either
directly or wirelessly through the same router and establish and maintain
internet connectivity.
I have listed both browsers as exceptions in Windows Firewall, tried
turning off all anit-virus and anti-spyware programs and anything else I can
think of that might be interfering.
The only other link in the system that I can think of is the operating
system. I have not been able to find anything that reveals the problem or
corrects it.

I would appreciate your input!


is windows firewall the only firewall you use, I would hope you only have
one, but have heard of people using more than one.


Windows firewall is the only one. I forgot to mention earlier that I had SP3
on the computer but took it off. It had been interfering with the wireless
connectivity on my laptops so I had taken it off of them and then removed it
from the desktop to see if that would help. It didn't.


This used to be a problem with zonealarm and your internet connection timing
out due to it not being added to the trusted zone. not sure about windows
I use KIS for a firewall. Kaspersky Internet Security


Good idea, I hadn't checked that. I have added microsoft and mozilla and will
see how that works.


I have the laptop working OK, but the desktop does not run Zone Alarm, only
Windows firewall, and IE and Mozilla are both listed as trusted sites. The
problem continues - After a cold boot, I can access the internet for a few
minutes, then it is no longer found, even though the network is still
connected to the modem and can recieve e-mail or ping external sites like
yahoo and others (but not microsoft!). Any other thoughts?


I have the same problem. I desabled firewall and antivirus. I change drivers
for my network adapter. Nothing works. It was ok before installing SP2. I can
ping and tracert, but not bowse. If any solution is found, please post it.


ROG said:
I have the same problem. I _disabled_ firewall and antivirus. I _changed_ drivers
for my network adapter. Nothing works. It was ok before installing SP2. I can
ping and tracert, but not bRowse. If any solution is found, please post it.

Here are a few things to try:

Open Internet Options, Connections tab, click "Lan Settings" button,
deselect all.

Flush DNS

Click Start, Run, type:

IPConfig /FlushDNS [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /release [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /renew [Press Enter key]
ipconfig /registerdns [Press Enter key]


Click Start, Run, type:

netsh winsock reset

Press Enter key

Restart the system

You can also try this software download from a working machine:


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