cable internet puzzle



I'm having occasional cable internet connection problems that are driving me

About once a week, I will be unable to link to the internet through my cable
provider for a period that usually lasts a few hours if I use my home cable
modem & wireless connection. I can, however, connect immediately using my
neighbor's unprotected wireless router that provides me sufficient signal
strength. I've tried everything I can think of, including replacing the
cable modem, and connecting directly from my computer to the cable modem with
an ethernet cable to get the wireless router out of the picture.

The symptoms include being unable to ping a website, even if I put in the
numeric ID (i.e. ping format). The cable company technicians
(who, of course, arrive several hours to a day later) are looking at me like
I'm stupid or crazy or both. I'm beginning to believe them.

Prior to giving up, I always power cycle the cable modem, the wireless
router, and the laptop. I've tried another laptop once when I was having
trouble, and that wasn't able to connect either.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Sammy Castagna

Do you have cable TV too? If so does it give any trouble at the same time?

Sammy Castagna


Sammy - I do have cable TV, and there's no problem with that - ever. And, as
I'm connecting with my neighbor's cable connection, there doesn't appear to
be a neighborhood outage of any sort.


We had that happen here after Gustav and hurricane Ike. The lines seemed to
have water in them. When it rains for more than 2 hours we still have the
issues. However, this seems to work each time.

I reset the modem and router (10 seconds).

Then go to: Start/Run: cmd

ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
ipconfig /registerdns

Within a minute all is well.


All the Best and Happy Holidays,

Taskbar Repair Tool Plus!!.htm


I wish I could try this immediately, but I'll need to wait for the next time
it acts up. Thanks, Kelly. I'll give this a try and see if it will work.

If you (or anyone) has alternative suggestions if this doesn't work, I'd
love to hear them.

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