Main Form with a Subform with Check and Command Boxes



I have a Main Form "FrmSummary Of Deals" that has one unbound combo box with
customer names you can select the row source is based off of a table "tbl
Master Comps". I want to put a check box next to the unbound combo box so
when I select the customer name from the drop down box if I want to I can
select the check box. The subfrom has the details of the customer when you
select that customer from the unbound combo box. When I do put the check box
in and select it for one customer it says checked when I select another
customer. I want to be able to choose different customer. Then I want to
have a command button to select and de-select all customers. Why I want this
check box is I want report to only show the customers I check in the check

Any ideas on how to do this??

Thanks in advance.

Jeanette Cunningham

One solution is to put a yes/no field in the table with the customer names.
This will not work very well if you have a multi-user setup.

Jeanette Cunningham MS Access MVP -- Melbourne Victoria Australia

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