update subform from value in another form



I have a mainform and two subforms liked through member number. I want to
enter data in the subform for every quarter for each member. I have an
unbound combo box in the main form to select the quarter. How do I store the
quarter information for each member in the subforms based on the combo box. I
don’t want to store the quarter information in the main form.

Daryl S

SeekAns -

It sounds like you are adding new records in the subform. If so, set the
default value of the control in the subform to be the value selected in the
combo box on the main form.


Than you. But How do I do that.

I went to the property section of the text box in my subform and in the
default value propery I gave
Forms![Main form name]![ComboboxName] . It is not working.

Thanks for you help.

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