Linking two Subforms & showing name in place of ID?



This is a repost of a question that apparently didn’t go through on 5/1/2010.

I have an unbound form with two subforms on it [SubFrm Actual Volunteers] &
[SubFrm Volunteer List]. These two subforms are linked together using a text
box on the main unbound form called [Event ID].

To do this, I followed the directions (half way down the page) on:

[SubFrm Actual Volunteers] :
~Has fields like [Volunteer ID] & [Event ID].
~Also has a combo box [Name] with the row source: SELECT [Tbl Vol
Info].[Volunteer ID], [Tbl Vol Info].FirstName & " " & [Tbl Vol
Info].LastName FROM [Tbl Vol Info] ORDER BY [FirstName], [LastName]; which
displays the actual name on the subform instead of just the ID #.
~This one is actually a sub-sub form of [SubFrm Vol Opportunities]
~Data taken from [Tbl Actual Volunteers].

[SubFrm Volunteer List]:
~Has fields like [Volunteer ID] & [Event ID].
~This subform is just used for reference and not for data entry.
~Data taken from [Tbl Actual Volunteers].

My question is, how can I make [SubFrm Volunteer List] display [Volunteer
ID] as a name? I don’t believe I can use the combo box solution that worked
for my master since I’m not actually entering any data her. Should I use
DLookUp instead or is there another way to do this?

Daryl S

Flopbot -

Change the recordsource for [subFrm Volunteer List] from the table to a
query that joins [tbl Actual Volunteers] to [Volunteer ID], and then the
fields will be there for you to put on the form. You can click on the
elipses (...) to the right of the record wource property to do this.

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