Main Form/Subform totals


Bob Love

I have a form with a subform. The subform is based upon the table order
detail and the subform is name Order Detail subform. In the footer I have a
field named subtotal which has a control source property =Sum([Extended
price]). On the Main form I have a field named sub whose control source
property is = [Order Details subform]![subtotal] but when i view the form I
have an error. I have a previous version of this form with the same syntax
for each fields control source property and it works fine. The only
difference between the two forms is that the one that works has the subform
based upon a query and the one that doesn't work has its subform based upon
the table. Please help. I've tried using the expression builder but thats
not working for me either.

Dale Fye


The syntax to refer to a control looks like:

= me.subFormControlName.Form.[subtotal]

Where subFormControlName is the name of the subform control, not the actual
name of the subform.


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