Mail Merge


Sheila M

The merged data is coming into my document with Bold, larger font, and
Italic. How do I make it match the font style of my document. I am using
Word 2007 and merging from Excel 2007.


Hi Sheila,

That's probably due to the underlying formatting of the surrounding text when you inserted to mergefield. You can control the
formatting by adding a 'Charformat' picture switch to the mergefield. To do this:
.. select the mergefield;
.. press Shift-F9 to expose the field coding. It should look something like {MERGEFIELD MyData}, where 'MyData' is your data field's
.. delete everything between 'MyData' and the closing field brace;
.. add ' \* Charformat' after 'MyData', so that you end up with {MERGEFIELD MyData \* Charformat};
.. format at least the 'M' in 'MERGEFIELD' with the font attributes you want;
.. position the cursor anywhere in the field and press F9 to update it.
.. run your mailmerge.

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