Mail Merge with Access query linked to SQL tables



I just can't figure this out! I have a mail merge that works with an Access
2000 parameter query (with linked Access tables). Been working for months.

I've changed the parameter query to use linked SQL Server tables and it
works fine from Access. When I try to connect the new query to my Word
document, I'm unable to see the new query in the list. I've seen other
suggestions that say to make sure to save the passord in the odc file. This
allows me to see the query, but when I select it, nothing happens (i.e. no
selection list opens.)

Any ideas? Thanks!



Sylvain Lafontaine

This newsgroup is about ADP and SQL-Server and not about ODBC linked tables
or Mail merge from Word; you should ask in a more appropriate newsgroup.

As to your problem, there is often many problems when you try to get to a
SQL-Server using an intermediary MDB file instead of using a direct
connection and somes of these problems are related to a bad
authentification. Don't forget that you don't authenticate directly with
the SQL-Server; you only authenticate with the MDB file.

If I were you, I would deal only with the SQL-Server if I wanted to access
data from it from Word; that's my two cents.

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