Mail Merge - Thousand separator and decimals




I have a problem with mail merge. When I tried to merge the figures (with
thousand separator and decimals) in the excel file to the word doc, the
thousand separator and decimal points cannot be displayed when the cells in
Excel has been formatted as currency, with up to 2 decimal points.

As my excel file contains formula, thus I am not able to save the file as
tab delimited.

Any idea how to retain the formatting in excel (ie. field to be in currency
with up to 2 decimal palce) while the thousand separators and decimals can be
displayed in the word doc when doing mail merging?

Just to highlight that I'm using Microsoft Office 2003.

Many thanks.



Dave Peterson

Debra Dalgleish posted this:

There's an article on the Microsoft web site that might help you:

Answer Box: Numbers don't merge right in Word

And if you prefer the old Mail Merge helper, Word MVP Suzanne Barnhill
has instructions here:

about half way down the page.

I often cheat instead of racking my brain.

I'll insert another column (probably hidden!) and use:
(or whatever format I want)
and use that field in the mailmerge.

(Cheating doesn't bother me anymore <vbg>.)

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