Dollar amounts aren't merging from Excel into a Word document...



I have data in an Excel spreadsheet that has dollar amounts formatted as
currency to 2 decimal places, but when I try to merge the Excel data into a
Word document the dollar amounts loses all currency formatting. What should
be $1,590.00 but ends up merging as 1590, why?



Niek Otten

Because Excel gives the value, not the format.
Use the TEXT function to transfer to Word, like
Use the format string you used for your original cell. You can find it by
selecting the cell and choose Format>Cells>Number tab>Custom

Kevin B

You can do the formatting on the Word side by adding a format switch to the
merge code: The text below is verbatim from Word Help. Search form "Format
Merged Data" in Word help for the complete topic:

To control other aspects of formatting, press ALT+F9 to display field codes
(field code: Placeholder text that shows where specified information from
your data source will appear; the elements in a field that generate a field's
result. The field code includes the field characters, field type, and
instructions.) in the main document, and then add switches (switch: When
working with fields, a special instruction that causes a specific action to
occur. Generally, a switch is added to a field to modify a result.) to the
merge fields.

For example:

To display the number "34987.89" as "$34,987.89," add a numeric picture
switch (\# $#,###.00).
To display the number "0945" as "9:45 PM," add the date/time picture switch
(\@ "h:mm am/pm").
To ensure that the merged information has the same font and point size you
apply to the merge field, add the \* MERGEFORMAT switch.



Fred Smith

That's the way the merge works. Unfortunately, merge ignores the cell's

You have two options:
1. Convert the number to text in Excel.
2. Format the number in Word.

To convert to text, use something like:

To format the number in Word, post to the Word newsgroup.


then use

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