Macintosh Office files disappearing


Justin Pfifer

I'm having issues with Office 2004 for Mac and Windows 2000 server. I
have 30 workstations that mount AFP shares from the Windows 2000
machine. Sometimes when the users go to save their Powerpoint
presentation it saves it then the file disappears. Checking on the
server shows that the file is not there and in the event log and error
12008 is logged. An example error is attached below


Event Type: Error
Event Source: MacFile
Event Category: None
Event ID: 12008
Date: 3/15/2005
Time: 10:00:47 AM
User: N/A
Computer: DAHAK
Unable to set the file size for "\Shares\Students\4th Grade\<student
name>\<students file>.ppt".

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: d8 02 0a 00 43 02 00 c0 Ø...C..À
0008: 00 fe 0f 00 .þ..


This only seems to happen with Powerpoint and Excel on the OSX machines.

Also I have 4 other campuses and it has happened on them but is much
less common.

The only change aside from normal patching was the addition of an
Antivirus program to the server.

Thanks for any help.



Jim Seifert [MSFT]

Previous reports of this type of problem have been traced back to specific
antivirus versions or antivirus program configurations. SFM uses NTFS
alternative data streams and this is something antivirus scanners watch or
filter depending. I would contact the antivirus manufacturer for updates or
configuration tips for the SFM share. A related TechNet article suggests
low disk space but an antivirus program blocking would show the same error.

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