Low Volume or Sound




I have a Sony desktop PCV-RX860 with HP monitor w/side speakers. When I
open Windows Media Player 10.0 and select music, or for that matter even the
sound on bootup, the sound is hardly audible. I have opened the Volume
settings and turned everything up to maximum, but the sound does not
increase at all. Also have the Volume slide bar in Media Player maxed out.

Any suggestions on how to increase the sound will be appreciated.


A lot of these side-mounted speakers are designed for a specfic PC. Also,
many are unamplified, relying on an amplifier in the matching PC. Whereas
most standard PCs expect the amplifier to be in the speaker itself.

There might be other reasons, but this is likely your problem.


I also connected a set of Sony speakers that came with the computer and am
having the same low volume problem. I am sorry that I did not mention this
in original posting.

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