Lotus Organizer compatibility problems?


Dale I. Jones

I've used Lotus Organizer 2.1 since early 90s. I loaded it on my new
computer as part of Lotus SmartSuite release 4. I imported *.or2 files from
my old computer and all programs that I tried (123W, Organizer, & Word Pro)
seemed to work fine except I was not getting and audible alarm with the
alarm dialog box. This morning I got a premature alarm (7:30 am for an 11
am appointment) and when I cleared the alarm and double clicked on the
calendar listing the program stopped responding. I closed the program,
compacted the file, relaunched the program and clicked the appointment icon
and got the same results. I have tried several times with same results. I
am able to create tasks, addresses, anniversaries, but time related function
cause the program to lockup (not responding).

Are others experiencing similar problems?
Dale I. Jones



Hugh Wyn Griffith

Here's the location of IBM/Lotus' statement about VISTA and Smartsuite:


<< -- While no major compatibility issues have been reported when
running SmartSuite or Organizer on the Vista 32-bit (x86) version,
these applications are not supported by IBM/Lotus Product Development
on the Vista platform.

-- The 64-bit version Vista does not allow proper functionality because
of the legacy computer code within SmartSuite and Organizer. Do NOT
install SmartSuite or Organizer on the Vista 64-bit version. >>

Do you know about the XPERTSS website? It's run by a bunch of
enthusiasts including a number who were on the Lotus L-Team on

Check them out at: http://www.xpertss.com/ NOTE the second "S"! !

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