How do I disable reminders???


Russell White

I am using Outlook 2007 connected to a Lotus Notes (gag me!) server. The
true issue that i have is that the MAPI connection between Notes and Outlook
for calendaring is completely broken. One of the annoying side effects of
this state of brokenness is that it is IMPOSSIBLE to dismiss an alarm within
Outlook for an appointment that originates in Notes. The result of which is
that Outlook always pops up the appointment reminder and lists EVERY
appointment in the past. I can't dismiss the alarms with "dismiss" or
"dismiss all". So... how can I just disable notification all together? I'll
let my BlackBerry remind me of things.

Please help, I really hate Notes...



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

tools, options, other tab, advanced, reminder options to disable them.

** Please include your Outlook version, Account type, and Windows Version
when requesting assistance **

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