Lost Hope and Ideas



Almost a year ago I purchased my brand new desktop Hp Pavilion, 64 bit OS
Windows Home Premium (service Pack 2) Memory 6GB AMD Phenon 9850 Quad Core
Processor. 800 GB hard drive (600 GB free)
Everything worked beautiful for about 2 month the all of the sudden I
started experience major problems. Out of a blue my comp stopped responding
to all commands (everything was timing out, took about 10 minutes to open any
programs, more then 30 minutes to shut it down and about the same to start
I called HP helpdesk and they instructed me to recover my computer to
original settings, which resolved this issue temporarily for about 2 weeks.
First I was thinking that this is maybe due to some programs I added after
recovery so when it happened for a second time I run recovery again and
installed my programs one by one over a next month to see which one may cause
the problem.
For a next couple month everything was perfect, my PC worked like a little
server and my luck run out about a month ago. I am back facing this problem
Takes almost an hour for OS to load all icons and programs after a startup.
Programs not responding or takes me about 10 minutes to open Outlook or
Firefox (after getting few messages that program is not responding.)
10 minutes to open Control Panel or My Computer.
If I want to do a restore it is taking about 2 hrs to show my restore points
(sometimes I get a message that there are no restore points created on this
computer, where in fact I know they were.)
I noticed that if there is something wrong network icon is loading were
slow, showing that I am not connected to the network.
Last thing that is loaded is Security Center showing that Security center
can not find antivirus program.

Here is what I tried so far:
1. All Windows updates are up to date.
2. I removed (using removal tool) Norton antivirus program and installed
full version of AVG antivirus
Since I still was getting messages from Security Center and not much help
from AVG support I decided to remove AVG and I installed Kaspersky antivirus.
3. Installed CCleaner and Spybot and cleaned my PC
4. Installed full version of……….
5. Check repository using /verifyrepository and /salvagerepository commands
and received message that repository is consistent.
6. Run hardware diagnostics and diskcheck with no problems
7. Defragmented my hardware on weekly bases.
8. Run virus check (no problems found too.)

At this time I don’t know what else can I do anymore to fix my problem. I
am afraid that if I even do another recovery and restore everything I backed
up problem will come back and recovery is not a solution. Any other



After recovering your sys, applying Vista updates, did you also use MSUpdate
for driver updates?
Boot into Safe Mode, see how it behaves

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