Security Still Shows Deleted Antivirus Product as Installed



Wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I installed AVG antivirus and
had problems with an error message every time Vista started (this is under
PreRC1/5536). So I uninstalled AVG. It was deleted from the programs list
and no longer in the programs folder. But the Security Center didn't give me
a warning, so I checked it to see what was happening. It still had AVG listed
as installed and working! I then installed Trend Micro's PCCillin, thinking
it would replace AVG's incorrect setting. However, now it shows both
antivirus programs as installed and on. I've made a bug report but wondered
if I am the only one to run into this. (I did have a problem the first time
I tried to uninstall AVG and it said it wasn't correctly uninstalled.
However, after rebooting and trying again, it uninstalled.)


I had AVG problems with the last build & worked along with AVG technical who
could not reproduce the error on load. I tried everything but with UAC
enabled AVG produces this error.
I installed the free version this time with the PreRC1 worked fine last
night on rebooting but have just booted now to find the same error :(

When I uninstalled the last time I installed PCCillian also and did note 2
AV's reported - I actually thought this was because I had AVG installed on my
first hard drive with XP Pro on it. I am about to uninstall again as I came
here to find out if there was a lighter AV than PCCillian.

When I ran all the tests last time I did note some files where locked hidden
and my Registry cleaner wasn't allowed access to them - this is possibly why
you have the multi AV showing (I will have too when I uninstall)

I was able to run PCCillian without problem even with the dual AV report by
Defender. I thought AVG would be fine this time but :( just found out it's

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