Lost emails,outlook 2003, created a unicode PST




Whilst i was away on holiday my outlook (2003) standard pst file (2GB)
reached its capacity and i have since created a new unicode pst file and have
only recieved emails as of this morning. But nothing for a two week period
(emails have definetly been sent to the address within that period) has been
recieved when i hit send/recieve. How do i recover those emails that where
sent within that period? Can you recieve them if the pst (2gb) was at its
maximum size?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



A default format 2003 pst does not have such a size limitation, its allready
a unicode pst.
Nothing in OL will convert an ansi pst to a unicode pst, niether will OL
create any pst on its own

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