Logon Scripts



I have a domain controller Win2K SP4

I once went to the root of the domain and added a policy that mapped drives
to shares on a file server.

It's been a while but now I need to change those mappins and the options for
Logon scripts is gone! I only have Start up and Shut down Scripts.

The scripts appear to still run but that is my problem. I need to

1. Stop the current logon script from running

2. Create a new logon script -- but the option is no longer there.

Any Ideas


Are you sure that these are missing? They should be under the user config
not the computer config.

If this is the case, it's likely because you've installed the GPMC. You
need to reregister the DLL that adds these into the snap-in (which I can't
remember, and need to as it's just happened on one of my boxes too!).
Otherwise, edit the GPO from another box with the adminpak.

I'll get back to you, if no one else does first, with the DLL...

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