logitech clicksmart420



cant get my webcam working on windows xp,it was ok 2 weeks ago,then i used a
friends system restore cd,which was wrong one,had to buy proper system
restore cds for my computer,everythings ok now,apart from i cant install my
webcam with disc,it loads etc,but keeps saying webcam is not connected,my
email is (e-mail address removed) and my name is dave



Yves Leclerc

Try downloading the drivers from www.logitech.com

Also, we do not email solutions. We only post any possible answers onto the
newsgroup, as part of your thread. This is also to help others how may have
a similar problem.

BTW: Never post or leave your email address on a newsgroup. There are
stammers that like to scan newsgroups so as the "harvest" email addresses so
as to "flood" your email box with spam mail. I still get some spam mail but
I also get more "failed" spam mail because I modified my email address, when
I post.

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