logging off and swiching off



Im a new user operating XP home. My pc has become very slow and takes more
than 2 mins to open a word doc. Im also having problems logging off and
switching off. When I try to log off I get messages like “end program-ccAppâ€,
“end program-ALSMTrayâ€â€™ “eng program-d20â€, and “end program-smss.exe†one
after the other. I usually wait for the program to end but it never does and
I end up choosing the “end now†option. These messages are not consistent.
Sometimes I get only one, sometimes two and sometimes all of them and not
necessarily in the above order.
When I try to swich off I get messages like “end program-services.exe†,
“end program-lsass.exeâ€, “end program-motorola SM56 Modemhelper†and “end
program-br4347on.exeâ€. Again these messages are not consistent and not
necessarily in the above order. After all these messages the pc doesn’t
actualy switch off but instead only logs off and I have to switch off at the
welcome screen.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Pls keep it simple as im not very
good at this computer stuff.



Ronnie Vernon MVP

It sounds like you have a lot of malicious spyware related problems, go to the following website:


Click Register to join the forums at the top of the page (free) and then go to the
"Parasites - Adware, Spyware & Other Scumware" forum and post a detailed explanation of your problem for expert, one on one advice and guidance on how to clean your system.

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