Log file of Office 2003 deploy by Group Policy




It's my first time to post here. I would like to ask where is the
installation log file of deploy Office 2003 by group policy. And can I
customize the path of log file? Because I found many info. about customize
the setup.ini but I can only use the *.mst in the group policy. Thanks a


Darren Mar-Elia \(MVP\)

All MSI installs will log at varying levels of verbosity (adjustable using
computer configuration\admin. templates\windows components\windows
installer\logging) to one of two locations--per-computer packages log to
c:\windows\temp\msi*.log and per-user packages log to %temp%\msi*.log


Darren Mar-Elia
MS-MVP-Windows Server--Group Policy
http://www.gpoguy.com -- The Windows Group Policy Information Hub:
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