Deploy Office 2003 using GP & MST files?


Johnny Wright

Is it possible to deploy office 2003 via group policies using MST files? I
have created different packages based on whether the machine is a desktop or
laptop ect. and would like to be able to use the MST configuration files.

Any help is appreciated.

Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


Yes, it should be. I have not done this with Office 2003 but I have done it
with Office 2000 and Office XP a gazillion times. I would like to think
that this would not be removed from Office 2003!!!!

Where are you having issues? If you want to create the various .mst files
then you might want to install the Office Resource Kit ( naturally you would
want to install the Office 2003 Resource Kit ). This will allow you to
create the .mst files. They are quite nice.

When you are creating the GPO you would need to create the package as usual
but you need to add the ,mst file. You would do this in the Modification
tab ( IIRC ). Then this .mst file that you specify will 'control' what
applications are deployed ( as well as a few other things ).

Does this help you? Or are you in need of more details? If that is the
case then you might want to search this ng as I know that I have - on
several occasions - given some pretty detailed info on how to do this. You
might also want to take a look at the Office 2003 web site. I am sure that
in the Office Resource Kit there is a MS Word document going over the
various ways to deploy this application via GPO. Here is a hint: you will
need an Administrative Installation ( you get this by running setup.exe
/a ).



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