Locked VBA causes Access to crash with ACCDE files



Good afternoon everyone,

I discovered a problem today with Access when I tried to unlock the VBA
project with an ACCDE file. Everytime I enter in the password, Access
immediately crashes, and the Windows Error Solver/Report then pops up. This
problem has happened consistently, and only with this file format; it does
not happen with ACCDB files.

I would like to know if this is a known problem, and whether there is a
solution to this matter.

Thanks in advance,



My understanding is that you create a .accde for this very reason...so no one
can access the code. I recreated your error message on a .accde file I have
and got the same crash error. So I went to the VBA window and unlocked the
code for viewing and deleted my passwoed. That did not work either. Actually
this is good. These files are supposed to protect code from being accessed.
You will need to change the code in the original .accdb file and resave it as
an .accde file.

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