Cannot open ACCDE file - receive "database is in unrecognized form



I have 2 full copies of Access 2007 installed at work. One on my desktop and
the other on my laptop. I can open original ACCDB and ACCDE files on both
machines. I can also open ACCDB files converted from Access 2000, 2002, or
2003 mdb files. But ACCDE files which were created from an ACCDB database
converted from an earlier version of Access will not open on my laptop.
(This is true whether the conversion was thru a "save-as" conversion to
Access 2007 or whether a blank Access 2007 database was opened and then
completed by importing database components from an earlier version of
Access.) Both machines received a full installation and have been updated to
the latest service release. Four out of five other work group installations
report the same problem, one does not and is able to open all Access file
types in the same manner as my desktop. All users are running XP
Professional and all had a previous Office Professional Suite installed (2000
or 2003), with the exception of my desktop which is new and the other fully
functional desktop which had it's old user profile entirely erased before
Office 2007 Professional was installed. Any advice is appreciated at this
point. Thanks!

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