locked out too



We are locked out of Windows 2000. I tried to change the
administrator and password, now it won't accept any
password. Can anyone help?

Drew Cooper [MSFT]

Actually we *love* other developers' software. Without all the 3rd party
software, why would anyone want to run an operating system?
We do have to be careful about what we, as Microsoft employees, recommend,
though - fear of legal repercussions.
Drew Cooper [MSFT]
This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.

Stingray said:
Or like stated earlier in this community look for any 3rd-party Admin-Software !
I advise you for using ERD-COMMANDER 2002 - need, cool and easy Application !


Info for MS-Admins:
I know that might not be what you understand as supporting - talking about that kinda software - BUT
a) it is a good option
b) Admin should secure the computer so you cant boot from CD or Disk if
unwanted ! Right ? :)

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