Locate Link Browser new problem


Mort Snerd

Since I posted last time I did something foolish and now I need help undoing
my error.

When the Locate Link Browser window appeared, I had a bright idea, why not
point it to the browser and see if it would eliminate the problem of the
window popping up every time I clicked a link in an email. The idea would
have been harmless except that in a senior moment of brain freeze I pointed
the program to Outlook.exe as the Link Browser. Call me stupid, I surely
did about two seconds after clicking OK.

Now when I click a link I get a new Outlook message view window with the
linked site shown in the message pane. Thinking it was probably a registry
key that held the Link Browser info I re-loaded a registry from yesterday's
backup. Nope, that didn't take me back to the previous state so I guess the
Link Browser pointer info is saved somewhere in Outlooks system files. All
I want to do is get back to the default action of opening a link in an IE

If anyone has an idea of how to do this short of reinstalling Outlook I'd
like to hear from you.

Cec Britton


You do not mention what version of Outlook or IE that you use, so I am
going to included several links to possible solutions:

The Locate Link Browser Dialog Box Appears When You Open a Web Link in an
E-mail Message

XCLN: "Locate Link Browser" Prompt When Clicking URL

OL2000: "Locate Link Browser" Message When You Click a MailTo Link

OL2000: Problems When You Click a Hyperlink in Outlook 2000

Nikki Peterson

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