local printers / printer share


Graham Turner

Dear all, am looking to understand the communication for the transfer of
print job data from the local workstation to the remote "print server "
given the following printer setup on the local workstation;

local printer is added

port - is the sharename of printer shared by the "print server"

my spin on this would be an SMB connection established by "the spooler"
service (or the logged on user ??) which writes the data to the spool
directory of the server;

depending on the context in which the data is transferred there is the issue
of authentication bearing in mind the spooler service on the local
workstation will be running in the context of local system ?

from whence the data is transferred (with no further processing by the
server ??) to the printer port associated with the shared printer ??




Bruce Sanderson

I'm not quite sure I understand what you want to know, but here's a try.

The user that is logged on at the client must have at least "Print"
permission to the printer shared from the print server. Without that
permission, the user will not be able to establish a "connection" to the
printer share and thus will not be able to send print output to that printer

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