Print spooler issues with MS Access 2000 on Windows 2000 workstation


KM Enterprises

We lose the print spooler on a Windows 2000 workstation everytime we open an Access 2000 database. Only Access, all other Office programs print fine. All other programs print as well. But when the user opens Access she loses all the printers in the Printers and Faxes folder and we must re-boot to get them back.

This happens on only 1 of the 7 workstations that are using the same database and OS.

Does anyone know what could cause this? If so what is the fix..

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Alan Morris [MSFT]

It sounds like Access is attempting to get some data about one of the
printers and when this occurs, the memory in the spooler process is getting
corrupted and the server terminates.

No need to reboot, just start the Print Spooler service.

Most likely Access is looking at the default printer to determine paper size
for a report or something of that nature.

Try changing the default printer before launching Access. Is the default
printer a connection to a server? Try deleting the printer connection and
deleting the print driver before launching Access.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
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