Local folders I created have disappeared



Can anyone help?

I created several local folders to help oganise my Inbox and Sent E-Mail. A
couple of weeks ago they vanished. I am not aware I have deleted them (all my
standard folders are still visible). I have checked Explorer in the place
where all the standard folders are and they don't appear to be there - only
the Inbox, Sent, Deleted etc are there. I had a lot of e-mails in there and
now cannot locate them.

Also - where does Vista store compacted e-mails - can I restore them if they
have been compacted in error?

Thanks in anticipation of any help you can give..


Gary VanderMolen

Windows Mail does not compact emails. It only compacts the message store,
which is the index or database for the messages. Try a search in Vista
for keywords that appeared in the subject line of the missing emails.

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