Live Mail - Unintentional mailing to multiple recipients

May 26, 2011
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I can't figure this out, and can't find any other references elsewhere and would like to ask:

Has anyone discovered their Live Mail sending mail to people they did not intend? I'm not talking about a virus sending spam to everyone on the contact list. Here is what I mean:

0) I am sending mail via HOTMAIL account
1) I send a mail to "Friend 1" - Live mail has this registered as '(e-mail address removed)'.
2) "Friend 1" is not a contact list - only a single recipent
3) I get replies from "Friend 1" and "Friend 2" and sometimes "Friend x"
4) They definitely got the mail - but I never sent mail to Friend 2 and Friend x.
5) I look in my sent mail and there is no "Friend 2" or "Friend x" in the message that I sent...

It's not a malicious thing, but it is irksome, and sometimes embarrassing.

Can anyone corroborate my story and perhaps offer something to look at? :cry:

Thanks in advance.


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