Windows Vista Linking PCs (usb-usb)

Nov 2, 2004
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Hey all,

back to annoy all with my ignorance once again. Just bought a new pc from the devil incarnate himself 'dell'-couldn't compete with the stupidly cheap prices. Anyways , i'm going to be using it along with my old laptop and dont want to have to keep switching printer, internet, scanner etc between the two pcs. Im pretty sure i can use a bridging or network usb to usb cable to link them but im not sure whether the fact that they are running different OS (xp and vista) will be a problem or if anyone can suggest a better solution?

Going off on a complete tangent----ive got a couple of external hard drives (3.5" 250gb) and was considering putting them into my desktop rather than keep using an external hub. Any opinions?

Cheers as always lads and ladettes,



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Mar 5, 2002
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Networking is best done correctly ... USB is not really designed for that ... better to use Ethernet.

The easiest way is to get a 4way Hub/Switch, cheap enough, or/and a Router & a couple lengths of cable ... RJ45/CAT5/Ethernet cable.

You could simply use a "cross-over" Ethernet cable ... I would suggest doing a proper job.



Sep 17, 2005
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Yeah I wouldn't do a half hearted job because networks can be real buggers to troubleshoot :)
Nov 2, 2004
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cheers for the replies.........gona get my dsl router back in a couple of weeks....prolly be back on here asking q's again.
Jul 14, 2007
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hiya jonesy....i had a similar problem as me and the missus have a pc each in our office and we wanted to share a printer..a friend of mine who is supposed to be hot on anything pc suggested networking thru the router i was fairly pc savvy but this just flagged up loads of problems and in the end i gave up until i came across one of these little beauties, it's a little bit expensive will cost you around £20 from ebay but very easy to set up and and you can share any usb device with another pc/laptop easily.

Here's the link mate :
Great piece of technology and it may save you some hair loss !! You will need some extra cables my case i needed one from the printer to the hub then 2x AtoB male cables to hook up the pc's to the hub. a doddle mate !



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Nov 2, 2004
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cheers for the info dazzashazza, but i've just had my router delivered!!

I'm connected to the internet via AOL broadband (ADSL?) so have brought a wireless ADSL router (only a cheap one incase it doesn't work).

I want my main desktop PC to connect to the internet and connect directly to the printers and other peripherals (scanner etc) through the router via a wired (ethernet) connection.

I tried to connect the phone line to the router, then the router to the desktop pc via ethernet. AOL requires its own software to be run in order to connect to the internet, but always fails.

Any ideas why it is failing? Surely the router does the same job as the 'BT Voyager 190 ADSL' modem supplied by AOL (that works)?

If I can get the router to work for my wired desktop PC I then want to create a network (wireless) to my laptop PC so that it can share the internet/printers etc.

I have a feeling this may take some time and a lot of coffee!!!





Sep 30, 2005
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If you are using a router and AOL then you DO NOT NEED ANY AOL SOFTWARE ON YOUR PC AT ALL .
Did you buy a router or a router/modem . If you gota router then you need to plug in the BT 109 modem into it .
Heres the e-mail AOL sent me , follow the destructions and it will work .

Dear member,

Thank you for contacting AOL. It is AOL's aim to help you get the best possible online experience, and you can get further assistance every day from 8am to midnight GMT at AOL Keyword: Live Help, and at any time from the dedicated Help channel.

Generic Router Settings
AOL now supports the use of ADSL router on your broadband connection, which allow the sharing of a single DSL line simultaneously between multiple computers.

This e-mail contains AOL essential information for your Unsupported Broadband Router that will be using your AOL Broadband Connection, AOL can provide no further assistance or support while you are setting up or troubleshooting any issues you may have with your broadband router apart from the settings listed below.

When setting up a router, you will be prompted to enter certain details that govern the type of connection you establish. Depending on the hardware setup you have, the method for entering these details will differ however it is likely you will be prompted to enter them during the installation of your router.

Some router installation guides will automatically enter some of these details for you, so it is possible that you will not be prompted for them at all. In other cases the naming of the options will be different so it is advised that if you have problems, please refer to the documentation included with your DSL router.
Below are all the essential settings that AOL use to setup Broadband Routers.
Depending on your router some of these settings may be named differently, please consult your routers documentation if your require assistance when setting it up.

Connection Protocol: PPPoA (VCMUX or VCBASED)
VPI: 0
VCI: 38
(VPI/VCI): 0,38
Authentication: CHAP

The Following settings are set to automatic or get automatically from ISP,
On some routers you may have to leave these fields blank:
IP Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Domain Name Server (DNS) Addresses

MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit): 1400
also known as MRU (Maximum Receive Unit): 1400
also known as MSS (Maximum Segment Size): 1400

Username: (e-mail address removed)
Password: yourpassword

NB: Important information about entering the ScreenName and Password.
Screen Name:
1. The ScreenName must have "" to the end of the ScreenName, otherwise the device will not connect.
2. This AOL Screen Name must have General (18+) access. It is this Screen Name that actually establishes the connection (Mature Teen, Young Teen and Kids Only Screen Names will not work for a router connection).
3. The screenname must be in lowercase (no CAPITALS allowed).
1. The password cannot be longer than eight characters long.
2. The password must consist of letters and numbers only (i.e. no special characters, such as ! £ ? % and spaces).
3. The password must be all lowercase (no CAPITALS allowed).

Wireless Setup:
If you require assistance setting up wireless on your router please consult the documentation that came with your router otherwise contact the manufacturer.

Setting up AOL to connect with your router
And finally, you will find below some useful tips on accessing your AOL account over a Broadband Router connection. You can do this by setting up your AOL software to connect using a TCP/IP connection, otherwise known as Piggybacking.

Setting up AOL to connect via your router using AOL 8.0:

Step 1: First access the Internet through a local ISP or a LAN connection.
Step 2: Open AOL to the sign on screen (Do not sign on at this stage).
Step 3: Click Setup.
Step 4: Select Add or change a modem or other connection device then click on Next.
Step 5: AOL will search for a new way to connect, when searching has finished select TCP/IP.
Step 6: Click Next, you will be asked if you want to sign on to AOL now, make sure 'Sign on to AOL' is ticked and select Next.
Step 7: Congratulations. Now AOL will 'piggyback' on the connection over the Broadband router Connection that has already been established and you can sign on to your AOL account.

Setting up AOL to connect via your router using AOL 9.0:

Step 1: Start AOL but do not sign on at this point. Instead, click Sign On Options on the AOL Sign-On screen.
Step 2: Click on Expert Setup
Step 3: Click Add Location.
Step 4: Type a name for the location in the Location Name box -- for example, 'Router' -- then click Next.
Step 5: Choose Broadband (High-Speed, cable, DSL, or other ISP) and then click Next.
Step 6: Tick Automatically reconnect me and ignore interruptions... then click Next.
Step 7: Select Automatic Connection, and then click Next.
Step 8: Click Sign on to AOL now, then simply sign on to AOL as usual using any of your AOL Screen Names.

The next time you start the AOL software, you'll notice 'Router' (or whatever name you gave the location) is available as one of the options in the drop-down Location menu on the AOL Sign-On screen (see Step 1). This allows you to easily switch between using a router connection and a different connection (for example, a dial-up modem) if you wish.

There's a dedicated team of agents trained to answer your questions from 8am to midnight, seven days a week. If you need more information, call 0870 3 20 20 20. See AOL Keyword: SupportMe for details.

Kind Regards,

AOL Member Services.
Please do NOT reply to this email.

AOL 9.0 is smoother, faster and safer than ever before - and it gives you more tools to use the Internet the way you want. Like AOL Computer Check-Up - a smart tool that you can use to examine your PC for common problems, and get help to fix anything that may be wrong. Video Instant Messaging and AOL Talk allow you to see and hear your friends online as you talk to them, using a Webcam and microphone at no extra cost. And with improved connectivity, automatic anti-virus protection and faster browsing, you can get more of what you want online and less of what you dont. Get AOL 9.0 now at AOL Keyword: Upgrade

Where it says PPPoA you may need to use the PPPoE options . My Linskys router had no PPPoA options so I used PPPoE settings and it worked fine .


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